Holy Week Processions

Holy Week Processions
April 12, 2023 Andrea Faggian
Processione del Venerdì

Holy Week, from 6th to 9th April 2023

Holy Week Processions in Corsica is deeply felt and many celebrations taking place in many cities and villages, each with its own particularities.

Bonifacio and the Holy Week

For more than 700 years it has been lived with many celebrations and sees the participation of the five confraternities, the largest in Corsica.

The confraternities of Bonifacio are: Saint-Barthélémy, Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, Saint-Erasme, Sainte-Croix and Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

The brotherhoods organize Holy Week Processions on the streets of the city, among which the most important are the Good Thursday and Friday.

Portatore di Croce

The Processional Canopies

Each Holy Week Procession in Bonifacio sees the members of the confraternity carry a Baroque Processional Canopy on their shoulders.

This is a mobile wooden baldachin richly decorated with a statue of the saint patron of the brotherhood illuminated by paper lanterns, which during the evening processions, creates a deeply spiritual intimate atmosphere.

Baldacchino Processionale

The Confraternity of Saint-Barthélémy

These wooden sanctuaries are more or less large depending on the Confraternities and consequently they can be very heavy and require even twenty men to be transported like the truly imposing one of the Confraternity of Saint-Barthélémy.

Normally the members of the confraternity participate in the Holy Week Processions with the costumes they belong to, praying and singing accompanied by a crowd of faithful.

Good Friday Processions

During the daytime processions of Good Friday, the cross bearer who opens the procession is barefoot and hooded.

The cross is covered with a white stole that represents the shroud of the empty tomb of Christ and is surmounted by a small braided palm tree that symbolizes Christ on the cross.

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