European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days
September 19, 2020 admin

European Heritage Days from 09/09/2020 to 09/20/2020, Bonifacio celebrates its heritage

The European Heritage Days will have a very interesting program, in fact it will be possible to visit monuments and sites, some of which are normally closed to the public.

This initiative allows you to admire the common cultural heritage and actively participate in the safeguarding of cultural heritage.

During the weekend dedicated to heritage, in Bonifacio it will be possible to visit l’Escalier du roi d’Aragon and the Bastion de l’Etendard for free.

On the Bastion de l’Etendard there are also re-enactments of ancient medieval duels in costume.

But in addition to this, there will be exhibitions, concerts and guided tours of the city, to discover a little history of Southern Corsica.

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