Corsica Guide: tips for getting around Corsica

Corsica Guide: tips to discover the wonders of Corsica, from landscapes, to beaches to all the activities you can do.

Leafing through the guide you will discover the wonders of the Île de Beauté and Federica’s advice for exploring it.

What difference is there between Corsica and the other well-known Mediterranean islands?

Corsica is a real condensate of all different landscapes: mountains, beaches, peaks, bays, gulfs, canyons, inlets, ancient forests, Mediterranean bush, glacial lakes, basins, plateaus, cliffs and snowfields.

The activities on the beach and on land are truly varied and you will certainly not be bored!

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    Find out why with the Ai Fari Corsica travel guide, your holiday will turn into an amazing dream if you will get to Bonifacio.

    Corsica Guide: discover the advantages of holidays in Corsica

    Thanks to the TOP for each recommended location, you can plan your itinerary or your ideal destinations.

    This is an effective guide for getting around Corsica from North to South and it is much smarter than the traditional paper guide.

    Corsica Guide, find out how:

    • Choose to take a traveling holiday, even for 5 days, or a holiday to enjoy the beaches in complete relaxation
    • Involve your family, your partner, your friends
    • Delight your senses by immersing yourself in protected and wild nature with breathtaking coasts of red granite and white sand

    Download now the free copy of the guide.

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