Festi Lumi the Festival of Lights in Bonifacio

Festi Lumi the Festival of Lights in Bonifacio
July 7, 2023 admin
Festi Lumi il Festival delle Luci

The 7th edition of Festi Lumi the Festival of Lights in Bonifacio  will take place from July 07th to 09th, 2023 

Bonifacio offers one of the most important and dazzling events of the tourist season.

Festi Lumi is a festival where the Bonifacian heritage is revealed in a different way.

The Bonifacian nights will be transformed combining new technologies and traditional imagination.

Throughout the Medieval town,  the venues will be invested with grandiose animations, intimate scenographies, human interactions and enigmatic luminous lanterns.

The lights and the music in their intertwining sometimes invite to be spectators, other times actors.

The layout of the festival is imagined as a continuous thread that runs intuitively and as a rosary punctuated by varied installations rich in surprises.

Completely free in the heart of the city of Bonifacio from nightfall.

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