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The most beautiful beaches Bonifacio, South of Corsica


Beaches Bonifacio, like dreaming in the South of the Île de Beauté

One of the reasons to come on holiday to Bonifacio is that in addition to be a fascinating medieval city rich in history, it is located in the center of an area full of large and small beaches that will make you fall in love.

Starting from Bonifacio on foot, in 5 minutes you arrive at the beach of Sutta Rocca, the Bunafazzini beach; but in about 40 minutes you can also walk to the splendid beaches of Sant’Antoine and Fazzio.

By taking the car, in about 10 minutes you arrive at the spectacular Piantarella beach (from where you can reach the Piana island on foot in shallow water); but from where in 10-15 minutes on foot you can also reach the two jewels of Petit and Grand Sperone.

Still by car, taking a road to the left of the Piantarella you reach the wonderful coves of Cala Longa, where fine sand and transparent water will welcome you in silence.

Moving west, you can reach the fantastic beaches of Tonnara and Stagnolu in 20 minutes (where you can find the eyes of Saint Lucia).

To the north in 20 minutes you arrive to the dream beaches in southern Corsica: Rondinara, Balistra, Palombaggia and Santa Giulia where turquoise water and fine sand will keep you company until sunset.

Those looking for well-equipped beaches are unlikely to find them, but who in the middle of August will look for dream beaches in southern Corsica where to be alone, will find it here …. but only those who seek good will be able to discover them … and we of Ai Fari can reveal it to you.

Piantarella Beach  

Petit Sperone Beach  

Grand Sperone Beach  

Rondinara Beach  

St. Antoine Beach  

Maora Beach  

Lavezzi Beach  

Fazzio Beach  

Tonnara Beach  

Ile Cavallo Beach  

Santa Giulia Beach  

Palombaggia Beach  

Roccapina Beach  

Stagnolu Beach  

Cala Longa Beach  

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